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Project Description


I am Miriam Codina, passionate about wine and everything that surrounds it and makes it flourish.

I am graduated in International Commerce by ESCI / Pompeu Fabra (Barcelona) and accredited with level 2 in Wine & Spirits by WSET (Barcelona).

These two titles have been a key tool that combined with my great passion, wine, have made possible the creation of BLOSSOM WINES.

10 years of experience in different export departments companies and sectors loaned a path and knowledge that I now apply in BLOSSOM WINES, to be able to offer the best wines to my clients spread all over the world.

My husband was the person who introduced me to the wine world through his winery, AV Bodeguers. A family project with a privileged location within the Empordà region, with whom I began to take my first steps.

He taught me all the work, effort, reward, but above all the emotions that are hidden behind each bottle of wine and the people involved in its preparation.

Each drop of wine hides a story, an experience or a legacy that anyone can enjoy with the simple gesture of uncorking a bottle. At BLOSSOM WINES we want to bring this experience to all parts of the world, and allow carefully selected wineries to be tasted from New York to Singapore.

Join my trip and let the passion for wine have no borders.