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“Wine makes daily living easier, less hurried, with fewer tension and more tolerance”

Benjamin Franklin


At BLOSSOM WINES we are wine lovers.

We are the export department of a meticulously selected group of high quality Spanish wineries from different wine regions. Most of them are family run cellers, farming their vines according to organic viticulture and thus enhancing their terroirs and their respect to the environment. Our goal is to offer our customers from all over the world the best fine wines.

We export wines with character, personality and sensibility where local grapes are predominating and there is a sense of place. Our idea is to transmit also the tradition, culture and “savoir faire” from these regions.

We are convinced there are still lot of unknown Spanish wine regions to the international markets with a sound capacity to delight wine passionates. We trust in small&medium wineries where there is a relatable story of thorough work and success behind each bottle. Due to their size these great wines, in some cases, are not having the access to international markets they do deserve. This is why Blossom Wines provides a high added value integral service to cellers to first identify and develop commercial relationships and then create long-time partnerships with the best professional partners worldwide. 

When we export wines, we try to transmit each individual project, the philosophy of the winery and the waterprint of each winemaker. Wine fascinates us, obsesses us and makes us fall in love. Because each bottle is much more than a good wine. It is a story full of sensations transporting us to the roots of each winery and delivering all their baggage and know-how.

In BLOSSOM WINES we like to enhance all the characteristics and attributes of wines, and involve all our customers to its wine-making to be able to enjoy together of a complete wine experience when tasting a wine.

Be surely surprised by all our wineries!



Mas Foraster

In the region of Conca de Barberà, unrivalled for its natural beauty and architecture, as represented by the “Ruta del Cister” and also unique for its rich viticulture, we found the village of Montblanc, where you can find the cellar [read more...]



VIDAUBA SCL is constituted as a company at the beginning of 2006. The initiative, fruit of the effort of four friends captivated by vineyards and wine, combines genealogical training, agricultural technique and company [read more...]


Jovani Vins

Jovani vins is a project implemented with lot of passion and enthusiasm by the three Jovani brothers: Montsa, Robert and Sergi since 2007, following the steps of his father who in 2001 acquired Cavas Berdié, consolidating one of his dreams. [read more...]



In 2004, Ibarra’s family, wine lovers thanks to its patriarch and grandfather Francisco Ibarra, joined the wine world in Mexico, creating a winery with a production of 6.000 bottles per year for friends and family in Tequisquiapan, Queretaro with the dream to enjoy its own harvest in special dates. [read more...]